What is Baketocracy?

Baketocracy is the form of governance under which my baking world functions. For the time being my baking world’s baketocracy will take on the form of an autocratic government with me, myself and I making all the calls.

How this metaphor works: Each recipe will feature a flavor or ingredient. They are the constituents and, as you know, constituents need good representatives (which I will choose). This is where the actual baked goods come in, say a cupcake or a cookie or even a doughnut. They are the representatives. Easy enough, right?

Soon enough I’d like to open all this up to an election process. I’ll present an ingredient and a group of admirable representatives. Then you can vote and I’ll make it and let you know how it goes.

There is more to this….way, way more. Please stick around and see how this evolves. If things go as I’m hoping, you’re in for some surprises 🙂


P.S. Excuse me if I throw in bits of currents events as I write–I’ve finally found a good way to use my Political Science Degree while doing something I enjoy!


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